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rawrathon's Journal

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WHAT ON EARTH? This here community was created to facilitate the random spurts of creativity of bunnymcfoo, elfrider, and architects. The going is slow but steady and we are all very much in awe of our creative genius (yup). Vampires abound and possibly weird pieces of information and links that lead to other weird pieces of information too. Readers beware: updates may be weird and very boring for the uninitiated.

NOTE THAT we love cliches. Honest to God. No matter how used and weird they are, we open our arms to cliches. We sometimes just want to elope with cliches and have happy little clicheful babies. Yay!

MOST OF the content here is under ye olde friendes locke. Nevertheless, several entries are open because we're forgetful for your pleasure. Aren't we generous? ;D
anatoly, angst!, ari+vincent, ariena 'ari' flores, big bad guys, black, black leather, blood, blood groups, cacciatori, camilla, children of the blood, cliches, coven masters, families of the court, fangs, genetics, hunter armament program, hunter breeding program, hunter breeding&research facility, hunter pairing program, hunter research program, hunters, i avvelenati, i conteggi, il principe, keepers, leather, maria, nero anatoly, noah, noah versus vincent, psyche, random evil, red, rp, schiavo caro, silk, silver, silver keepers, silver males, silver nitrate, stasia, the lesser families, the sacred bond, the twelve elders, uber-powerful vamps, unscrupulous machinations, vampire hunters, vampires, vincent [coeur d'obscurité], wine